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Monday, February 28, 2011

March into Spring

Ahh! Spring is springing (so I heard) and new growth bursting forth all over the place, apparently sending everybody into paroxysms of creative and fertile stirrings. Well, this may be true for half the planet, that other half vaguely over there where I don't live, but never mind as I get to naturally feel like that most of the year round in my sunny home. So even if the days are shortening over here, I can still get into the spirit, and share the joy with the best of you.

What nicer way to completely ignore any Autumn Blues than to be involved with a Spring Fair!

Embody Poses and Shapes is holding a "March into Spring" Market up on it's sunny rooftop, and Eclectica is joining the happy bunch.

As well as this being a chance for a group of original designers to display their wares, a hunt has been arranged (not a ginormous 500-sim event, just a nice smattering of businesses on the one sim for a bit of fun). Many of the designers have generously provided $L10 items as well so that you can get a taste of what's on offer.

"Flounce" earrings in Dark Pink can be picked up for $L10 at my display.....

.....and this "Flounce" brooch in Dark Pink is a hunt gift.

Come pop by, pick up some good bargains, grab an Eclectica Demo Pack if you like, do a little hunting if that's your poison, and celebrate the change of seasons with us.
When: March 5th to 20th.
Where: Embody Rooftop.
For extra information: visit the Embody blog here.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Marketplace giftgiving- a vast improvement

It's with great pleasure that I announce that my old tute on how to navigate the Marketplace giftgiving shamozzle is completely obsolete. It is now a wonderfully more simple and intuitive process.

Please delete the previous instructions from your brain, and replace with these: (biiiig smile, as the process is so much shorter, and I have far more confidence in using it).

Pictures below will help guide you. Please click them to enlarge.
As usual, if you are already in my shop and want to send a gift, helper signs will take you to the correct Marketplace page. If you found me via the Marketplace search, you are already there, so ignore this bit.

Scroll down to find the "related items" if you prefer a different colour, and click it.

Once you have your colour version, click the lovely big orange button called "Add to Cart as Gift". Write your friend's name in the window below. Click the next button down called "Find Resident".

Add a nice message, and click "Finished".

Hurrah! It's done!

The item is now in your shopping cart, and is ready to be delivered to your friend when you check out.

Much nicer!

Feathers & Pearls

I have longer gloves for you this time, and all are luxurious satin with gorgeous trimmings. Gently moving Feathers with Pearl-and-Metalwork detailing set these apart from anything else. And of course, each has a complimenting feathered collar to complete the look.

All are copy and modify friendly. All are script free. No huds or resizers necessary. Demos can be found at the Eclectica Mainstore here. Gifts can be sent (via The Marketplace) directly from here.







Saturday, February 5, 2011


I've been making Feathers! These are matching gloves and neckpieces, all softly feathered and held with chains and gems.

Here I am, mincing about at home in "Just Beautiful Black" with Sonatta Morales "Mystere" gown.

And just for the hell of it, mincing about without said gown.

Aaaand, here's the full range. Please click for full sized images, as the feather detail is worth it!

Just beautiful black

Black & silver

Just pure white

Black & gold

Black & burgundy

Black & blue

These are all copiable, modifiable and script free. Each set includes two glove styles- opaque and semi-transparent. Demos can be found in the Sinaburoe Mainstore here. And if you'd like to do a little Marketplace shopping, find them exactly here.