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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Marketplace giftgiving -yes it can be done.

I'm suspecting that the Marketplace has grown harder for some to navigate, especially with giftgiving. There seem to be too many steps now between finding a perfect gift, and completing the transaction. So many of the pages in between are confusing as they give uneccessary space to irrelevant advertising, and the option to bestow a gift is pretty well hidden.

I've been working hard to improve signage instore, and using links to the Marketplace to make giftgiving easier. There's now a notecard to be picked up at the landing point which shows the steps clearly...but here they are....

Over each of the signs in the Mainstore (Sinaburoe) is a new "helper sign". Touch the button on the top right, and a blue drop-down window will appear in your top right. Click "Go to page".

This will open the corresponding Marketplace window in your web browser. One set from the range you want will be shown at the top of the page. Make sure you are logged in.

For a different colour, scroll down to find the one you prefer under "related items". Click on the one of your choice.

This will take you to the correct colour (this example is "Eclectica Nouveau Rose Gold"). You can choose "add to cart" for multiple purchases, however "Buy Now" may be simpler for single purchases.

This will take you to the next page, as shown. Click "Edit your order" (This is hiding stupidly down the bottom, and this page really ought to have a big orange button saying "Send as a Gift". I suspect this is where we are all losing sales).

On the next page (shown) check that the price and amount is correct. Then, to the left, select "Send as a gift". (Again, where is the big orange button?)

A little window pops up, which lets you add your friend's name, and a nice message. "Update" it when it's done.

Here's the next page. Check it's all correct. Then use the "Checkout" button. The next step is final, and you may wish to ensure that your friend is inworld, expecting the gift, and not in busy mode.

And it's done...you reach the confirmation window, and your account will be deducted. Congratulations...you just sent a gift!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Peace on Earth

The Peace on Earth Hunt is on again for the third year, between the first of December and the third of January. This will be my first time participating, so I have no idea what horrors lie ahead. (I jest.) A few years ago, Eclectica was in a gridwide hunt, and it was quite fun to be a part of. So I figure that once every two-ish years is not overkill for me.

I took some time out to go and hide away and enjoy some quiet prim-playing, and eventually this dove hair-comb emerged. Little sculptie feathershapes are used, with tiny mounted cut gems, and delicate golden olive twiglets. Most of the comb is a soft mother-of-pearl, and all is softly glowing.

It sits at the back of the head, and uses a mouth attachment, but these can be adjusted of course to whatever suits your hairdo.

The comb is transferable, so of course can be gifted if it's not your style. Like if you're a bloke, or something.

If you want to see more examples of what's on offer at this years hunt, there is a Flickr group, as well as the POE website.

And so, I hope to see a few visitors pop by to say hello during the month ahead :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010


This is me, still catching up on this bloggy thing and having some fun taking photos. I'm wearing Eclectica Herbals "rose", part of a garden-themed set of jewellery.

A lovely lady, Vic, who lives next door, is off sleeping, so I've snuck over through the hedge to take advantage of her early snowfalls. Her bit of the garden is putting us to shame.

It's a great chance to finally show some close-ups of this jewellery range. I had the 1930's in mind when designing these. They are soft, subtle, made of soft, glowy translucent glass held by hand-forged metal. The shapes are simple, and nicely support the tendrils and vines.

...close-ups...ugh!..what the!!.....what is that claw!!!!??!

Damn I hate this. It's got to be the bane of every jeweller. We make lovely bracelets and rings, which would look stunning on any human hand. And they do appear natural and wonderful when watched as we gracefully saunter across the room in SL, but as every jeweller knows, just try freezeframing a hand for closeup inspection and it's enough to give the most stalwart matron cardiac arrest. So...wipe that picture above from your mind and scroll down below to my prettied-up hand.

See...that's what we all really look like, with most of the multiple-fractures removed.

Below, you can see the full range of Herbals. All available at the Eclectica mainstore, or on the Marketplace, and are all copiable and modifiable.


Monday, November 8, 2010


This is the Elizabeth range. As with any photo, please click to see a bigger and better view.

Two different necklaces and earrings are included in each set.

I made "Elizabeth" a while back, and I still love it and wear it. It's pre-sculpty, and there are goods and bads in that. It rezzes faster, being pure tortured prims. You won't lob up anywhere as a mass of balls, however it has a few more prims and therefore perhaps slightly higher arc. It shows a certain prim-learning that may not be as widely used lately. Some people always like that. I do, and I'm glad that that's where I learnt my craft. I have no intention of retiring this range, as it's a good example of it's kind in a certain period. And it always looks gorgeous on any ballroom.

I've recently been re-watching the Elizabeth movies, and have to admit that I have a bit of admiration for Cate Blanchett (she being a fellow-countrywoman and all). The costumes are all stunning, and if I were a SL clothing designer I'd probably never get out of photoshop.

I can tell this is a theme that I haven't finished with yet.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


The chevron is a product of the industrial revolution, a symbol to tell a tale of speed and modernity. Half a century (and more) later, there remains a certain retro charm to the once cutting-edge and now mellowing materials used. This is what I have tried to catch through shape, texture, virtual 'materials' and sheen in this jewellery set. When thinking these up, I had in mind old car badges, and my dad's shed which still has them all randomly bolted to the walls for decoration.

So here I am, hanging out at home with my favourite scooter, the D-Hello 1.06 by PaintO Jie of 19MC, so similar to a much-loved Vespa. (And actually, home doesn't look a thing like this normally. Poor Want left me an offline-"omg I logged in to see a sea of glowy blue in the loungeroom and landed on your scooter...what on earth have you been doing in there?")

"Just lounging about.... as you do..... on the floor.....next to random objects."

(As with any picture here, please click for a larger view.)

And here is the full range, available inworld at Eclectica, or on the Marketplace.






Lapis lazuli

Friday, October 15, 2010


Many wonderful things are happening, or so it feels to me. Mesh has been in closed beta, but now we can all be involved. I've been preparing, learning a bit, reading the blogs, aware of the criticisms. It's interesting how they always pop up, and I do always listen to them initially, give them a hearing, and then decide afterwards, alone in a calm room, or with one calm person. I do not agree that mesh is elitist as some claim--we can all learn it. Nobody needs to invest money--Blender is free if you choose, despite the fact that we'd all probably like Maya if we could justify it. Yes, it will require a time investment, just as it ought. Yes, this is a wonderful opportunity that we can all embrace.

This is a piccy of my first ever mesh prim, a blob, with a really impressive mesh prim in the background, a dragon, by Feivl Footman. His puts mine to shame. I will say no more :)

I really regret that I was deterred from learning Blender. A year ago, the first tutorial scared me silly, and every group chat that's popped up since has been full of how impossible Blender is. Popular wisdom may tell you this, and do not listen. Blender is actually easy, and surprisingly logical. I am no master, but found that after a few hours I could actually get it :) I have a long way to go, but feel really confident.

There are a zillion online tutes. I am still bewildered as to what to take on next. Anyone who reads this will hate me, but do the tute here http://cg.tutsplus.com/tutorials/blender/a-detailed-overview-of-the-blender-interface/ Yes you will hate me, and you may hate this tute, but this guy, Karan Shah, is really really good. You may fall asleep as his voice is very hypnotic, but I love the system he shows, and how logical the hotkeys are. If you get to the end, you are a champion, and your basic Blender skills will be complete. See why I never got a job in sales!

Friday, October 8, 2010


And here is Wright, a set of jewellery based upon a person whose buildings I love, and whose flat glass work I have grown to love more. I've been fortunate to get to know some of these windows well, and something about the design has rubbed off on me. It's the combination of verticals, interposed with diagonals. The elegant weighted pendant as a design motif. The way a diagonal cuts into open space, making life very difficult for a glasscutter. The structured linear design. I like structure.

Sculpted gems add some depth to these pieces, and all the metalwork is made from tortured prims.

If you want to know more, and be involved, check out The Frank Lloyd Wright Museum of SL. Explore some of his buildings on their sim...can you imagine actually walking through a FLW home? These guys are giving us the chance to explore and know more about where FLW was coming from, and it's simply one of the things that makes SL great.