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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Gothmas!

I was nicely invited to come do something for Gothmas by Gaslight this year, a Cursed event, and I'd have to say, it's the most pleasant-to-be-involved-in event. Never having created much in the gothic way, being a little wary of going all black and purple with oozing blood and weeping eyeliner...I took a moment to think about it. When Bronxelf said "of course Dark Victorian is great too" I thought "oooh YES" and was in!

I went off to watch a spot of Wuthering Heights while pondering what to do, and came up with some rings with darkly formed gothic metalwork, and contrasting 'stones', which are actually more akin to painted glass, in a rose design. It's a contrast in stark and flowery that works, I hope.


A variety come in each pack, for left and right hands. Two are detailed variations with coloured inserts, two are plainer bands. These are fitted to Slink mesh hands (Elegant1) but can be rearranged for any hands you like. They are unlinked, and can be moved individually, so please "add" rather than "wear" them as they'll wipe each other out ;)

[Dark Gold]

The glass roses texturechange, with a range of lovely pink-ish and blue-ish hues. They all work nicely together. The script allows you to change each ring independantly from the others, so that you can create contrast if you prefer. These scripts will also resize for you, and are all easily deletable.

[Pale Gold]

Materials are used in the texturing. (I'm having so much fun using this feature!)


But wait! There's more!
There are matching pendants, for an absent ring-wearer, perhaps?


[Dark Gold]

[Pale Gold]


These can all be found at the little Eclectica cottage, Gothmas by Gaslight, Sium. After the event, they'll be found at the Eclectica Mainstore.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Victoriana at Genre

December's Genre has just opened, and it's as pretty as a Wintery Christmas Card.


I have some new shoes there this month, appropriately named "Victoriana".

They are copiable, moddable, and unscripted. They are original mesh, and unrigged. Pop them on over your Slink medium barefeet, (or try them with the alpha and shoebase provided to see how they suit your horrific old plain feet if you must, haha!).


Once again, I have used specular and normal mapping to enhance the texturing. This means that if you turn on advanced lighting, you will see them respond quite beautifully to the light.


These are a Victorian indoor shoe- quite soft, very comfortable about the foot with it's sumptuous soft lining, and with a characteristic Victorian shape to the arch and heel. Well detailed piping and buttons cater to the Victorian taste for opulence, along with the richly figured fabric.


You certainly can tweak the hues if you need. The black has been left a wee bit light, so that you have room to make it a little cooler or warmer in hue, depending on what your other outfit pieces are doing (not all blacks are alike). Similarly with the other colours.

[pale blue]



You will be well received in all the best society drawing rooms with these respectable and stylish shoes!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Eclectica Relic

[Relic Jewellery in black]

I've been having so much fun, and here's part of the result :) "Relic" was dreamed up one evening, and has taken a while to reach fruition. It's finally done, and serendipitously ready for the Jewelry and Accessories Expo, on at the moment.

[Relic Pendant in black]

Like everything I create now, it's mesh.....copy/mod happy....uses materials (which I adore working with, despite it tripling my upload costs, haha I kid).....and like many sets (not all) has scripted texturechangeable bits. This time it's the stones, which have nine lovely variations.

[Relic Jewellery in dark gold]

My secret favourites are the glass mille de fleur (shown below) and the gorgeous blue paua shell down further (we can thank New Zealand for that).

There are four metal variations, and each has a basic jewellery set, which includes a neckpiece and earrings, plus a long pendant sold as a separate option to extend the theme if you wish. Both neckpieces work well together, so you can layer them for extra effect.

[Relic Pendant in dark gold]

I have aimed for a very aged look. The metals are pitted and a bit grimy, the hues are a little softened with time. I want the pieces to look like they have a history. Maybe they were buried for a few generations?

[Relic Jewellery in pale gold]

Those little pearls are a separate face. Please select them with one click, and tint them as you wish. I've left them plain so you can go be creative :)

[Relic Pendant in pale gold]

Oh...there's that paua I love, above and below. It looks a little different in each as the stone has some transparency. So the backing metal affects the hue. You can change that if you wish; giving the stone 0% transparency will increase it's hue saturation, or giving it more transparency will allow the base metal to show through more, and give a subtler effect.

[Relic Jewellery in silver]

The metals are black, dark gold, pale gold and silver. I really need to learn to make short films to show off the objects as light moves across them, as materials may be subtle, but they have changed the way surfaces respond to what's around them..

[Relic Pendant in silver]

These are all available exclusively at the Expo for it's duration, and then will come home to Eclectica's Sinaburoe Mainstore for a more permanent home.
Enjoy :)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Bowed Court Shoes


So many people are wearing Slink feet, and once you have them in place, fitting shoes is so simple. Eclectica Bowed Court Shoes fit "Slink medium barefeet", and will 'add' over the top so easily.

These shoes are moddable, copiable, and unscripted. They are original unrigged mesh, using materials enhanced textures.

[Blue and Cream]

If you wish, you can wear them with system feet (a shoebase and alpha are included). This is quite doable, but bear in mind you'll still have cankles showing. So I won't force you to buy Slink feet....just prod you very strongly to go and try a demo. Very, very strongly :P


These have an elegant classic 50's 60's look. Some are a rich paisley, like the blue ones above and others a soft brocade. Like the dove grey, below, which are my favourites.

[Dove Grey]

A demo can be picked up at the Eclectica mainstore, in Sinaburoe, here. Don't forget to turn on your advanced lighting model to appreciate the textures.

[Red and Gold]

The colours are tweakable, if you need to make a slight adjustment for your outfit. In edit mode, use "select face" to choose either the upper, heel, or piping and add a tint if you need.

[Rich Green]


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Eclectica "Artifact"

"Artifact" is a range of mesh jewellery available at the Eclectica display at the just-opened Jewellery & Accessories Expo. You can find them here for the next few weeks, then in the mainstore.

Each set includes a collar, cuffs for both arms and earrings. They are copiable with modifiable mesh. Scripted to have texturechangeable polished stones, plus manually tintable. Resizable via both script and edit menu. A single removable script per piece.

These use materials enhanced textures, to make the shine fit the texture, and move as real shininess does over a surface. And the texture is given extra depth with the use of normal mapping as well. Please turn on your "advanced lighting model" in your graphics preferences to see the difference.

Six versions are available, shown below with gem options-

A black gothy version, with a subtle sheen. [Find it here.]

Dark metalwork with dull gold detailing. [Find it here.]

Richly shining figured gold. [Find it here.]

Natural mother-of-pearl (nacre) for your inner mermaid, maybe. [Find it here.]

Gleaming pearl, with a very soft glow. [Find it here.]

Soft silver. [Find it here.]

All original mesh, unique to Eclectica....find them for the time being at the J&A Expo Update: they are now all available at the Sinaburoe Mainstore, now that the expo is finished. :)

Sunday, December 1, 2013


(bright copper)

If what you need are more than glasses, and more like....implants...then these may be for you. Mechanika Glasses are a steam technology answer to daily needs. I'm just not sure what those needs may be, as the technology is pretty obscure. I suspect you can make them do whatever is needed at a pinch. Use them to harness brain impulses for summoning...extra....airships...perhaps..

(old gold)

These do require the removal of your eyes (alas!) but I have made that part simple and relatively comfortable with the inclusion of suitable alphas. Also, attractive replacement eyeballs are provided using early bionics. Both sides are supplied in the folder, so use which side best suits your favourite hairstyle. The alphas are full perm, and I will happily email you the photoshop layered files for these if you need to do some tweaking. Just ask.

The cogs are in perfect working order, and slowly rotate, and a small particle blinky effect is included in the tiny glass vial at the side. It's subtle, not at all blingy, and will turn on and off with a simple chat command. All scripts may be altered if you wish, or removed.


Four colours are available, as shown. All are copy and mod friendly. All are original mesh, and all use the new materials features so look their best if you turn on the advanced lighting model in your graphics preferences.


You can find them in the Eclectica Mainstore in Sinaburoe, where a demo pack is available (click the helper sign over the display).

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Eclectica "Rhapsody" (in blue)

Eclectica "Rhapsody" (in blue) jewellery set. Because yes, I was listening to Gershwin whilst working on these. And it was very fine music :) This includes neckpiece, bracelets, ring, earrings and brooch. All are original mesh pieces, non-template based. Copiable and moddable. The metal and stones are seperate materials, so can be edited as seperate faces.

These are unscripted.

"Rhapsody" can be purchased at the Love Donna Flora Event until it closes, to help with Squinternet's medical bills. (They are modelled in one of her glorious frocks, which is a favourite of mine.)