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Friday, December 28, 2012

Eclectica 'Moderno'

More texture changing Art Deco for those of you who enjoy the 1920's. 'Moderno' is a jewellery set that can be tweaked till it matches any look. The gems change as two sets to allow contrast, and the metalwork and settings are also changeable. This is a sophisticated modern design, very cleanlined with glass and chrome as suits the era.

A haircomb was needed by one of my customers (for her MVW formal outfit), so it's been added :) I have it sitting on the back of the head, but you can shift it round to wherever it's needed according to your coiffure.

There are two neckpieces, one more and one less detailed. (When designing, I often can't decide, so include several versions. It just happens sometimes.)

Haircomb detail.

The dress ring. Shown here on a Slink sculpted hand. Of course you can wear it with 'normal' hands as well.


Earrings, showing some of the looks achievable.

All pieces are copy/mod. All scripts are removable. A demo pack can be picked up at the Eclectica mainstore. The jewellery can be found on the Marketplace, as can the seperate Haircomb.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Eclectica 'Harikoa'

I've been fortunate to have a few forays into New Zealand this year, and love the usage of fernleaves in design work over there. Anything from a lowly stormwater drain cover to popular civic art can display the elegant fern, often with a gorgeously decorative Maori slant. Ferns and ferniness have been playing on my mind, and so I got to sculpting some....

This is a sneak-preview of a larger range that I'm still completing, but this set will be available as a Peace On Earth hunt gift this Chrismas. It starts on the 1st of December, and continues through the month.

Harikoa- happiness...joyfulness...euphoria. This is the best word I can find to express something suitable for Christmas. There are Maori terms that borrow more directly from English to say "Merry Christmas" but I rather like this instead :)

If you do the POE Hunt this year, you will find the store...but of course pop in for a visit anytime.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Cascade......these are four variations on a theme, each with a wide range of metal and bead textures. In all honesty, I started making pretty bead textures in Photoshop, enjoyed it a bit too much, and couldn't stop. So as often happens an idea grew a bit.

Each has six metals to choose from, which allows you anything from palest pale to black. And each has eight beads, which change as two sets, allowing you to have some fun making your favourite combinations.

Included in each is a neckpiece, dangly earrings, and a pair of bracelets. There is one removable script per piece, which also resizes. Plus copy/mod perms.

The Cascade range is available at the Eclectica Mainstore, in Sinaburoe, where you can also try a free demo pack. Or on the Marketplace.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Floral Cloches

Hats! These are an addition to the Eclectica Cloche Hats range. Despite being very floral (because where I live it's rapidly transforming into a lovely Summer, and I can't help but be inspired by that), I promise that these will keep your heads nice and snuggly warm if you have a Winter approching.

There is only one hat, because that's all you need. It is scripted to be a fatpack all by itself, so you get all the options.

And these hats include hair because I know how awful it is to have to wrestle with hair poking through where it has no business being. Five hair textures are included to get you started, and moddability means you can tint this if you need to to get it just right.

The hat, scarf, and roses can be changed independantly to make a squillion combinations (Weeeeelll, maybe not quite a squillion. I haven't counted and so made that up. But it's a fair amount, and a demo will show you exactly what to expect.)

You can be anywhere from shabby chic ivory to funereal black, and many rich vintage hues in between.

Each hat holds only one script, which is deletable. Hats are moddable and copiable, so you can save any versions you like, and even control the hues further if you are handy with the edit menu. Resizing can be done via script or manually.

This Autumnal version below can be found if you like hunting, and would like to participate in the Giving Thanks Hunt. It's on now, is a nice smallish hunt, and runs all November. I'm part-way through :)

Eclectica Floral Cloche hats have a free demo pack, which can be found at the Eclectica Mainstore in Sinaburoe. Pick them up on the Marketplace if that's more convenient.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


This is "Maya"....

...strikingly Art Deco, with an authentic choice of textures. Uniquely designed and sculpted. Absolutely gorgeous gemstones.

There are two packs to choose from- the general jewellery pack, which includes two neckpieces (simpler and more complex) and two sets of earrings (simpler round ones and full-on-go-the-whole-hog geometric deco ones). The other is for those who'd like to add a few more pieces to the set, and it includes a bracelet and ring. It includes earrings to round the set out if that's all you wish to have.

These are scripted to offer all the features of a fatpack, all in one set. You can play with these for hours and save a set to match any of your favourite twenties outfits.

Come grab a demo :)

Here's the noir version, available at the Eclectica Seraph City Store....

They have a hunt on, and wonderful event called "The Blackened Mirror", centering around vintage period machinima. It's lovely stuff, so go see :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Aunty ABC Packs it in.

This is where I was born, virtually. The place I first consciously teleported to after dodging the horrors of Welcome Island and the Freebie Dungeon.(thankyou Nexus Whitfield, who may never know that he was the first friendly face I saw, my first calling card, and I'm forever in his debt) After that I hate to see it go. I came to Second Life shortly after reading that ABC Broadcasting had funded an island. That was quite a while ago, and we have mostly all moved on, as we all had things to go do, which is right and proper, and many also moved out of SL. But many of us made connections then. Some moved away entirely. I was one who visited the sandbox every few weeks, despite having my own place, and forging my own direction, ABC was always like coming home to Mum's. Cosy and safe, but that's our Aunty.

(Spew a bit if you like, but that proves you're Aussie)

We had a lovely community thing going. And I could come rezz a few shitloads of prims for a bit, no questions asked.

This totally is not the most glamourous SL photo. ABC was never that. It wasn't pretty as such, but it was very real, and made it's people very happy.

The Sim may become unfunded, but I hope the group remains.

Monday, August 6, 2012

It's Vintage Fair time again...

It's finally all happening over at the Vintage Fair, and I love the build this year. There are three sims of everything vintagey, not just worn fashion.

Eclectica has Nouveau Leaves on sale...

You can find the Eclectica store here on the Retro sim.

I did a little shopping and found the most gorgeousest couch there (the Jessie Couch made by Loz Hyde of meshworx), and had to run home fast to give the old one a heave-ho off the side of the skybox to make room. And retexture the rug which suddenly looked all daggy. This couch is mesh, has a land impact of 5, is copiable (so why not have two :) ) It has beautiful retexturing options, which I can't stop playing with becasue if anything will let me tweak it, I'll happily keep tweaking because that's half the fun. It has excellent animations, and will even make you a cup of coffee.

I've almost finished visiting all the stores, and have had a great time collecting demos, and making a shopping list.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Something curly....

...and something special for the upcoming Vintage Fair; "Nouveau Leaves". A new jewellery range that I've been working on for awhile, which is very very inspired by beautiful Art Nouveau jewellery I saw while visiting Paris's Musee des Arts Decoratifs last year. Swirly leafy designs have been bouncing about in my head, waiting to be sculpted and finally purged!

These would be made from opalescent glass and metal if it weren't for their virtual state.

A jewellery set comprised of neckpiece, earrings and bracelet...

A pair of dress rings...

A barette for your hair, which can be worn on the side or rear of the head, depending on your hairstyle. this also includes a brooch version which sits on the chest. But add it to anything you might like, of course.

And finally, a tiara...

All pieces are texture and colour changeable, with a really flexible set of options. Each set can be menu driven, but also comes with a hud. One hud will control each piece worn, to save you work. It's nigh impossible to show all the combinations possible, but I think you will have fun making your own styles to match your outfits.

These are all copiable, and modifiable, so you can save your favourites and delete scripts.

Make a set for exploring dark gothic crypts...and then one for your fairytale white wedding, and then anything imaginable in between.

The 2012 Vintage Fair will be held from Aug 3rd to Aug 29th, and all Eclectica Nouveau Leaves sets (and demos) will be exclusively available there during the event.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

One Voice

If you have been following any Virtual fashion news for the last few months, you may be aware of the One Voice Fundraiser. This is to help Gala Phoenix, the talented Curio skin designer, to fight the theft of her work. Content theft happens all too often, sadly, but this case is extra insidious. The thief not only has stolen the skins of Curio (and others) but also had the gall to copyright Galas work as her own. Better bloggers than me have the story covered much more thoroughly than I'm able to. Check out this SLU thread if you are interested, or if that's too wordy (it is starting to get pretty long winded, yet has a lot of good information in there) you may find these images of interest.
This is me, barefoot and ao-less, as there are necessary limits on scripts allowed on the sim, so whip yours off before you try to tp in...but I'm still able to say yay for everyones efforts here. I have a few Eclectica items at One Voice, and in the Mainstore if you just are passing. The items below are 100% donation to the fund....
And I happily realised that all skins and hairs used in these vendor textures are from Curio. That feels nicely fitting. :)