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Friday, November 23, 2012

Eclectica 'Harikoa'

I've been fortunate to have a few forays into New Zealand this year, and love the usage of fernleaves in design work over there. Anything from a lowly stormwater drain cover to popular civic art can display the elegant fern, often with a gorgeously decorative Maori slant. Ferns and ferniness have been playing on my mind, and so I got to sculpting some....

This is a sneak-preview of a larger range that I'm still completing, but this set will be available as a Peace On Earth hunt gift this Chrismas. It starts on the 1st of December, and continues through the month.

Harikoa- happiness...joyfulness...euphoria. This is the best word I can find to express something suitable for Christmas. There are Maori terms that borrow more directly from English to say "Merry Christmas" but I rather like this instead :)

If you do the POE Hunt this year, you will find the store...but of course pop in for a visit anytime.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Cascade......these are four variations on a theme, each with a wide range of metal and bead textures. In all honesty, I started making pretty bead textures in Photoshop, enjoyed it a bit too much, and couldn't stop. So as often happens an idea grew a bit.

Each has six metals to choose from, which allows you anything from palest pale to black. And each has eight beads, which change as two sets, allowing you to have some fun making your favourite combinations.

Included in each is a neckpiece, dangly earrings, and a pair of bracelets. There is one removable script per piece, which also resizes. Plus copy/mod perms.

The Cascade range is available at the Eclectica Mainstore, in Sinaburoe, where you can also try a free demo pack. Or on the Marketplace.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Floral Cloches

Hats! These are an addition to the Eclectica Cloche Hats range. Despite being very floral (because where I live it's rapidly transforming into a lovely Summer, and I can't help but be inspired by that), I promise that these will keep your heads nice and snuggly warm if you have a Winter approching.

There is only one hat, because that's all you need. It is scripted to be a fatpack all by itself, so you get all the options.

And these hats include hair because I know how awful it is to have to wrestle with hair poking through where it has no business being. Five hair textures are included to get you started, and moddability means you can tint this if you need to to get it just right.

The hat, scarf, and roses can be changed independantly to make a squillion combinations (Weeeeelll, maybe not quite a squillion. I haven't counted and so made that up. But it's a fair amount, and a demo will show you exactly what to expect.)

You can be anywhere from shabby chic ivory to funereal black, and many rich vintage hues in between.

Each hat holds only one script, which is deletable. Hats are moddable and copiable, so you can save any versions you like, and even control the hues further if you are handy with the edit menu. Resizing can be done via script or manually.

This Autumnal version below can be found if you like hunting, and would like to participate in the Giving Thanks Hunt. It's on now, is a nice smallish hunt, and runs all November. I'm part-way through :)

Eclectica Floral Cloche hats have a free demo pack, which can be found at the Eclectica Mainstore in Sinaburoe. Pick them up on the Marketplace if that's more convenient.