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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Victoriana at Genre

December's Genre has just opened, and it's as pretty as a Wintery Christmas Card.


I have some new shoes there this month, appropriately named "Victoriana".

They are copiable, moddable, and unscripted. They are original mesh, and unrigged. Pop them on over your Slink medium barefeet, (or try them with the alpha and shoebase provided to see how they suit your horrific old plain feet if you must, haha!).


Once again, I have used specular and normal mapping to enhance the texturing. This means that if you turn on advanced lighting, you will see them respond quite beautifully to the light.


These are a Victorian indoor shoe- quite soft, very comfortable about the foot with it's sumptuous soft lining, and with a characteristic Victorian shape to the arch and heel. Well detailed piping and buttons cater to the Victorian taste for opulence, along with the richly figured fabric.


You certainly can tweak the hues if you need. The black has been left a wee bit light, so that you have room to make it a little cooler or warmer in hue, depending on what your other outfit pieces are doing (not all blacks are alike). Similarly with the other colours.

[pale blue]



You will be well received in all the best society drawing rooms with these respectable and stylish shoes!


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