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Sunday, December 1, 2013


(bright copper)

If what you need are more than glasses, and more like....implants...then these may be for you. Mechanika Glasses are a steam technology answer to daily needs. I'm just not sure what those needs may be, as the technology is pretty obscure. I suspect you can make them do whatever is needed at a pinch. Use them to harness brain impulses for summoning...extra....airships...perhaps..

(old gold)

These do require the removal of your eyes (alas!) but I have made that part simple and relatively comfortable with the inclusion of suitable alphas. Also, attractive replacement eyeballs are provided using early bionics. Both sides are supplied in the folder, so use which side best suits your favourite hairstyle. The alphas are full perm, and I will happily email you the photoshop layered files for these if you need to do some tweaking. Just ask.

The cogs are in perfect working order, and slowly rotate, and a small particle blinky effect is included in the tiny glass vial at the side. It's subtle, not at all blingy, and will turn on and off with a simple chat command. All scripts may be altered if you wish, or removed.


Four colours are available, as shown. All are copy and mod friendly. All are original mesh, and all use the new materials features so look their best if you turn on the advanced lighting model in your graphics preferences.


You can find them in the Eclectica Mainstore in Sinaburoe, where a demo pack is available (click the helper sign over the display).

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