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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Eclectica "Artifact"

"Artifact" is a range of mesh jewellery available at the Eclectica display at the just-opened Jewellery & Accessories Expo. You can find them here for the next few weeks, then in the mainstore.

Each set includes a collar, cuffs for both arms and earrings. They are copiable with modifiable mesh. Scripted to have texturechangeable polished stones, plus manually tintable. Resizable via both script and edit menu. A single removable script per piece.

These use materials enhanced textures, to make the shine fit the texture, and move as real shininess does over a surface. And the texture is given extra depth with the use of normal mapping as well. Please turn on your "advanced lighting model" in your graphics preferences to see the difference.

Six versions are available, shown below with gem options-

A black gothy version, with a subtle sheen. [Find it here.]

Dark metalwork with dull gold detailing. [Find it here.]

Richly shining figured gold. [Find it here.]

Natural mother-of-pearl (nacre) for your inner mermaid, maybe. [Find it here.]

Gleaming pearl, with a very soft glow. [Find it here.]

Soft silver. [Find it here.]

All original mesh, unique to Eclectica....find them for the time being at the J&A Expo Update: they are now all available at the Sinaburoe Mainstore, now that the expo is finished. :)

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