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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Eclectica Relic

[Relic Jewellery in black]

I've been having so much fun, and here's part of the result :) "Relic" was dreamed up one evening, and has taken a while to reach fruition. It's finally done, and serendipitously ready for the Jewelry and Accessories Expo, on at the moment.

[Relic Pendant in black]

Like everything I create now, it's mesh.....copy/mod happy....uses materials (which I adore working with, despite it tripling my upload costs, haha I kid).....and like many sets (not all) has scripted texturechangeable bits. This time it's the stones, which have nine lovely variations.

[Relic Jewellery in dark gold]

My secret favourites are the glass mille de fleur (shown below) and the gorgeous blue paua shell down further (we can thank New Zealand for that).

There are four metal variations, and each has a basic jewellery set, which includes a neckpiece and earrings, plus a long pendant sold as a separate option to extend the theme if you wish. Both neckpieces work well together, so you can layer them for extra effect.

[Relic Pendant in dark gold]

I have aimed for a very aged look. The metals are pitted and a bit grimy, the hues are a little softened with time. I want the pieces to look like they have a history. Maybe they were buried for a few generations?

[Relic Jewellery in pale gold]

Those little pearls are a separate face. Please select them with one click, and tint them as you wish. I've left them plain so you can go be creative :)

[Relic Pendant in pale gold]

Oh...there's that paua I love, above and below. It looks a little different in each as the stone has some transparency. So the backing metal affects the hue. You can change that if you wish; giving the stone 0% transparency will increase it's hue saturation, or giving it more transparency will allow the base metal to show through more, and give a subtler effect.

[Relic Jewellery in silver]

The metals are black, dark gold, pale gold and silver. I really need to learn to make short films to show off the objects as light moves across them, as materials may be subtle, but they have changed the way surfaces respond to what's around them..

[Relic Pendant in silver]

These are all available exclusively at the Expo for it's duration, and then will come home to Eclectica's Sinaburoe Mainstore for a more permanent home.
Enjoy :)

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