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Monday, December 9, 2013

Bowed Court Shoes


So many people are wearing Slink feet, and once you have them in place, fitting shoes is so simple. Eclectica Bowed Court Shoes fit "Slink medium barefeet", and will 'add' over the top so easily.

These shoes are moddable, copiable, and unscripted. They are original unrigged mesh, using materials enhanced textures.

[Blue and Cream]

If you wish, you can wear them with system feet (a shoebase and alpha are included). This is quite doable, but bear in mind you'll still have cankles showing. So I won't force you to buy Slink feet....just prod you very strongly to go and try a demo. Very, very strongly :P


These have an elegant classic 50's 60's look. Some are a rich paisley, like the blue ones above and others a soft brocade. Like the dove grey, below, which are my favourites.

[Dove Grey]

A demo can be picked up at the Eclectica mainstore, in Sinaburoe, here. Don't forget to turn on your advanced lighting model to appreciate the textures.

[Red and Gold]

The colours are tweakable, if you need to make a slight adjustment for your outfit. In edit mode, use "select face" to choose either the upper, heel, or piping and add a tint if you need.

[Rich Green]


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