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Monday, November 8, 2010


This is the Elizabeth range. As with any photo, please click to see a bigger and better view.

Two different necklaces and earrings are included in each set.

I made "Elizabeth" a while back, and I still love it and wear it. It's pre-sculpty, and there are goods and bads in that. It rezzes faster, being pure tortured prims. You won't lob up anywhere as a mass of balls, however it has a few more prims and therefore perhaps slightly higher arc. It shows a certain prim-learning that may not be as widely used lately. Some people always like that. I do, and I'm glad that that's where I learnt my craft. I have no intention of retiring this range, as it's a good example of it's kind in a certain period. And it always looks gorgeous on any ballroom.

I've recently been re-watching the Elizabeth movies, and have to admit that I have a bit of admiration for Cate Blanchett (she being a fellow-countrywoman and all). The costumes are all stunning, and if I were a SL clothing designer I'd probably never get out of photoshop.

I can tell this is a theme that I haven't finished with yet.

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