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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Peace on Earth

The Peace on Earth Hunt is on again for the third year, between the first of December and the third of January. This will be my first time participating, so I have no idea what horrors lie ahead. (I jest.) A few years ago, Eclectica was in a gridwide hunt, and it was quite fun to be a part of. So I figure that once every two-ish years is not overkill for me.

I took some time out to go and hide away and enjoy some quiet prim-playing, and eventually this dove hair-comb emerged. Little sculptie feathershapes are used, with tiny mounted cut gems, and delicate golden olive twiglets. Most of the comb is a soft mother-of-pearl, and all is softly glowing.

It sits at the back of the head, and uses a mouth attachment, but these can be adjusted of course to whatever suits your hairdo.

The comb is transferable, so of course can be gifted if it's not your style. Like if you're a bloke, or something.

If you want to see more examples of what's on offer at this years hunt, there is a Flickr group, as well as the POE website.

And so, I hope to see a few visitors pop by to say hello during the month ahead :)

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