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Thursday, November 11, 2010


This is me, still catching up on this bloggy thing and having some fun taking photos. I'm wearing Eclectica Herbals "rose", part of a garden-themed set of jewellery.

A lovely lady, Vic, who lives next door, is off sleeping, so I've snuck over through the hedge to take advantage of her early snowfalls. Her bit of the garden is putting us to shame.

It's a great chance to finally show some close-ups of this jewellery range. I had the 1930's in mind when designing these. They are soft, subtle, made of soft, glowy translucent glass held by hand-forged metal. The shapes are simple, and nicely support the tendrils and vines.

...close-ups...ugh!..what the!!.....what is that claw!!!!??!

Damn I hate this. It's got to be the bane of every jeweller. We make lovely bracelets and rings, which would look stunning on any human hand. And they do appear natural and wonderful when watched as we gracefully saunter across the room in SL, but as every jeweller knows, just try freezeframing a hand for closeup inspection and it's enough to give the most stalwart matron cardiac arrest. So...wipe that picture above from your mind and scroll down below to my prettied-up hand.

See...that's what we all really look like, with most of the multiple-fractures removed.

Below, you can see the full range of Herbals. All available at the Eclectica mainstore, or on the Marketplace, and are all copiable and modifiable.


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