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Thursday, October 28, 2010


The chevron is a product of the industrial revolution, a symbol to tell a tale of speed and modernity. Half a century (and more) later, there remains a certain retro charm to the once cutting-edge and now mellowing materials used. This is what I have tried to catch through shape, texture, virtual 'materials' and sheen in this jewellery set. When thinking these up, I had in mind old car badges, and my dad's shed which still has them all randomly bolted to the walls for decoration.

So here I am, hanging out at home with my favourite scooter, the D-Hello 1.06 by PaintO Jie of 19MC, so similar to a much-loved Vespa. (And actually, home doesn't look a thing like this normally. Poor Want left me an offline-"omg I logged in to see a sea of glowy blue in the loungeroom and landed on your scooter...what on earth have you been doing in there?")

"Just lounging about.... as you do..... on the floor.....next to random objects."

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Lapis lazuli

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