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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Swing Shoes

I blender-ed some swing-era-inspired shoes, which are cute retro peep-toed slingbacks, with rather fetching bows on the straps. They have a coy/sexy appeal, and suit a 1940's to 50's era look, but they also have a classic contemporary business feel. There are three groups of textures; floral, standard and glossy.

Here's floral- these have vintagey flowers all over them. All are quite muted, yet tintable. They are excellent for garden-partying, or hanging out at the beach. Very casual, but pretty.

Eclectica Floral Swing Shoes-Apricot&Green

Eclectica Floral Swing Shoes-Black&Pink

Eclectica Floral Swing Shoes-Pink&Blue

Eclectica Floral Swing Shoes-Pale Pink

Eclectica Floral Swing Shoes-Bright Pink

Eclectica Floral Swing Shoes-Red

Then there're these ones. These have two per pack. One pair is textured semi-shiny leather, and the other matte soft suede. They are available in six colour options. All use materials to give the textures exta realness. On the back is a little metal detail with a swing-era design, subtley added. Great for swing era roleplay, or even a sophisticated classic business look.

The inner sole is textured neutrally, and I have added a tint to them. You may make the inners any colour you like to match your outfit.

Eclectica Swing shoes-Black

Eclectica Swing shoes-Blue

Eclectica Swing shoes-Faun

Eclectica Swing shoes-Gold

Eclectica Swing shoes-Ivory

Eclectica Swing shoes-Red

And then these. Extra glossy versions in extra colours. These also have two per pack; plain and polka dot. These have extra baked in specularity, and well hell; they're just shiny. I like that sometimes. Wear them out at night or whenever you wish. They look cool. :)

Eclectica Swing Shoes-Glossy-Blue

Eclectica Swing Shoes-Glossy-Gold

Eclectica Swing Shoes-Glossy-Grey

Eclectica Swing Shoes-Glossy-Pink

Eclectica Swing Shoes-Glossy-Purple

Eclectica Swing Shoes-Glossy-Teal

All of these will slip on over your SLink medium mesh feet. And they give you a chance to show off some pretty nail colours.

Have fun!

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