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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Versailles Baroque Jewellery

I am all baroque-inspired this month, with two softly-burnished historic jewellery releases.

Above is the "Eclectica Versailles Baroque Jewellery" set, which can be found at this months L'accessoires round, here. The set includes a necklace, pair of earrings and two rings (for left and right hands). The metal is a warm old gold, with a little puplish tinting on the metal roses. This touch of purple is echoed in the ribbon, and both can be retinted if you prefer a different look (a hint of cool verdigris may be nice). The pendant gems add a bit of colour; I have tinted them a contrasting dull turquoise but they are neutrally textured and so may be manually retinted to anything you prefer.

The pieces are copiable, modifiable, and unscripted. They appear at their best with advanced lighting enabled.

Blenheim Baroque Brooch

And above is the "Blenheim Baroque Brooch" for this month's Genre round, here. This is a flexible brooch which really can be worn anywhere you might need a bit more frippery. I have included two in the pack; one for the chest and one for the hair, as shown. But you may copy them and reattach them according to your outfit. Try one on your belt, use them to spruce up a pair of plain shoes, or even use them as earrings if you like. I have made them as flexible as possible so that you can customise the colours of the stones. A removable texturechange script will allow you to retexture the stones to the nine colours shown, and in addition you may manually retint. The stones can be controlled in two groups; the central large stone, and the smaller surrounding stones. The pearls are a separate face, and although these are shippes as white, you may have a play with their colour.

Both of these items will come home to the Eclectica Mainstore after the events are over in mid-August, and they will be found on the Marketplace then as well.

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