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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Eclectica Solaria Jewellery

These are sister pieces, to compliment Solaria hats. Necklaces, with earrings, and rings. Each pack has silver and gold. The textures are all slightly muted, and wonderfully detailed.









They are copy/mod, with a removable resizer. And mesh, unrigged, so you can certainly resize manually, or tweak the colours a little if you desire. I say that with every release, I know, but it's really important that you know you can do it. It really helps with getting a look just right. And lets face it, customising is half the fun of putting your look together.

Tweaking the colours of a mesh item is different to sculpts and prims. You can't use "edit linked prims", because this is all one prim in that regard, and can't be resized as different sections. Think of it as a prim with different sides, instead. When someone makes a mesh item, they elect what each side will be (they are called 'materials', and each will have a texture allotted to it). So, with these necklaces, the stones and metal are different sides. To select each one, treat it as a prim face, using "select face" and then you can control hue, glow and shine if you like to. Just know that you can't resize separate bits, or unlink. You can edit while wearing these pieces, unlike rigged mesh.

These will shrink to fit your petite or minikin. I can't help marvelling at how perfectly mesh shrinks, and how cute it looks so small. Or perhaps that's just me :)

As with everything, demos are available instore, here at Eclectica. Find them also on the Marketplace, if that is more convenient.

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