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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Eclectica Flora

This is 'Flora', a vibrant addition to the range of accessories available in the Eclectica Store. These are beautifully and originally designed mesh pieces. They are inspired by a 1950's tropical beach/summer theme. The central rose is vividly hued, with soft shading. It is offset by clusters of softly glowing metal daisies, which are scattered quite naturally. Each set includes a necklace and pair of matching daisy earrings. It has a wide range of colour choices, all available via menu. Plus silver and gold metals are both included, in plain and engraved finishes. This one set may well match all your sun dresses and swimwear this Summer.

Here are a few colour combinations. The rose, metal, gems and leather band can be selected independantly.

These items are unrigged mesh, and so still modifiable, meaning that you can resize manually as well as by menu, and you may also tint the colours a little to help with colour matching. The colours are deliberately vivid, to allow you some room to tint them. The metals, rose, strap and gems are separate materials, so feel free to tint each face separately if you like. Adjustments can be made while standing on a pose stand and editing just like normal. And they are copiable.

These pieces will scale down to petite avatar sizes.

'Flora' can be found on the Marketplace, here. Or in the Eclectica Mainstore in Sinaburoe. A necklace demo can be found inworld at point of sale.