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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Eclectica 'Solaria' Hats

I have new hats, freshly minted out of the softest warmest mesh. These are designed to fit snugly in the traditional way of a 1920's cloche, and come in a range of vintage hues. You can in fact make these any colour you wish if you are handy with the edit menu, as the main body has been neutrally textured to allow plenty of scope for tinting. The colours shown on the packs are all included readymade, however, to get you started.

Each is accentuated with Art Deco detailing. A pretty crepe band wraps about each, held with a Deco sunburst motif made of metal and polished stone. The metal is scripted to switch to either silver or gold.

A simple bob hairstyle is included to save you the trouble of fitting hair. Or toggle it off if you'd prefer to adjust your favourite hair to fit. The hair is scripted to allow for 5 basic colours, from blonde to black, and since the item is mod/copy, you can also add your own tinting to get it just right.

The script, which is removable, will also resize for you. Or do it yourself manually if you like. These hats will resize down small enough to fit your petite or minikin avvy.

You can find these on the Marketplace. And free demos are available inworld.

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