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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

All the better to see you with...

Glasses are getting a makeover here at the store. These are a smart way to add some 50's pizzazz to tired morning eyes, and can be played with to get the almost exact colourings you might need. In fact you might fiddle about with them and end up late, as they have heaps of texture and colour combinations. One has Rhinestones, and one has Scrolls & Pearls.
Above are just some of the combinations you can make. But there are too many to picture, and I forgot to include some of my personal favourites. Both glasses are copy/mod. No transfer though, so please use the Marketplace for gifting, or call me. My IM number is "Tiffy Vella". Easy, as if I'm offline, your message will still get through, and I may even be able to answer you despite not even being in SL :)
Also, in the Eclectica glasses department, old favourites have been updated at last....these ones....which I made a few years back...and despite them still being enjoyed by customers, they were overdue an overhaul.
Changes are....replacement of old 'one-script-per-prim' system with new parent-prim-only scripts. Now much less script memory is used. Textures have been improved and added to, and the primwork behind the ears is now more realistic. Also, I have brought the old glasses into line with the rest of the Eclectica products, and made them copy/mod/no trans. So you can have full moddability of the prims. (Scripts are still no-mod however.) If you own an old pair of Eclectica glasses, please contact me for a replacement. I am more than happy to do so, if you can show yourself wearing a pair, I'll replace your oldies with some newies. (Sorry, I have no automatic update system, but will do my best.)