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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vintage Barette

Flipping through the SL forums, which I like to do sometimes over morning coffee, I saw a post by Miele Tarantal who said she wanted some barettes, and popped up a couple of photos that I just loved. Yes (I thought) I'd quite like some of those too, to go in my hair, and to be added to hats, or belts, or in fact wherever they could possibly be stuck. (Isn't "add" an excellent feature for fashion lovers) So just for fun, I whipped some up....

The barettes are made from curly sculpted metalwork, gems and pearls. Well, really pixels, but we like to pretend. It's fortunate that pixel vintage diamantes don't cost as much as genuine estate jewellery, or even diamonds come to think of it. I charge exactly the same for fake virtual precious stones as I do for the real virtual ones. That's a bargain, really. Or not- I can't quite work that out.

Alchemy Cyannis made the other nice bits and bobs seen in the photos above. I love her work, and always have admired her. Nice person :)

These are copy/mod. They have a single removable resize script. There are two versions....gold and silver. The texturing is simple, but designed so that you can add your individual flair through tinting. Just "edit linked parts" and add a bit of colour where you want it.

There are two in each pack. They attach to the mouth attachment point, but with "add" that isn't so important anymore, thank goodness. One sits at the back of the head, to hold a formal updo. One sits to the side, as a hairclip style. I have modelled it on a Curio Gertrude hair, which I wear a lot.

I know that you will want to play with this a bit, as it has a lot of possibilities. Also, I can't predict your hairstyle, so know that you might need to adjust size and positioning quite a bit. The barettes are gently curving, to fit against the curve of hair or hat. They might even make a gorgeous brooch. The flexibility is there in the perms to help you be creative.

They are soon to be available at the Eclectica Mainstore in Sinaburoe and the Marketplace, which is good for sending gifts to your loved ones and alts (and alts' loved ones....snort). A demo pack can be found instore in Sinaburoe to help you decide.

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