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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


In my world, every self-respecting seaside town sports an "Ozone Hotel".

OK, at a pinch, I might deign to accept an "Austral", "Commercial", "Crown", "Empire", or even a modest "Grand Central", but "Ozone" is the most glam for seaside vintage bliss.

I made a hat for this, just because it's fun, and what I like, and that's good enough, perhaps :) It has a feel I like...it has hair...has scarves with cute vintage textures...is big and floppy....is made of all recycled pixels (hah I lie about that bit; it's all fresh new pixels going straight to landfill, snort)

The Ozone sunhat is copy/mod. It's got great low-lag removable scripting to let you happily change hat textures, scarf textures, and hair colours.

As you can see, there are four. They are combos of patterns, and also combos of hairstyles. All hair is included, and you can choose between a bob or a long plait down the back.

Because they are mod, remove the hair if it's not your thing and wear the hat with your own. Easy.

All hats have the basic 5 hair textures, ranging from blonde to black, but you can add a tint via the edit menu to anything to get the look you need. There are demos available instore to help you, so please try them. If you have any issue colour matching, contact me, as I'd like to get it right for you.

Also, I go in a Hunt once a year, so this is my third. This year's begins in about 2 days, and it's a fresh new one called the "You Go To My Head" hat hunt. It's all hats, and what great timing :)

And here's my hat for the hunt....it's a nice hunt gift to introduce you to the range, as it's almost as lovely, just doesn't have all the scripted features...

I hope you all pop by to visit...just here. If you are hat fans, wander about, as so am I.

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