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Sunday, March 18, 2012


Introducing "Coquette"...beautiful and very adaptable shoes

Each satin shoe comes in a basic colour, with three extra satin options to extend the possibilities. So each is more than one plain shoe.

They are hud-controlled, to help you get them just right. Use this to make your selection of shoe-texture, metal texture (gold or silver), nail colour and shine, and most importantly skin texture and tint.

Resizing can also be handled by hud. Or edit menu if you like to do it the old-fashioned way :P

"Coquette" shoes are copiable and modifiable (no-mod scripts), so you can adapt them to whatever look you may need. Pop a customised copy into your outfit folders, and then safely delete the scripts.

See- I am still plying Eccy with free shoes (and cups of tea), but she's not so messy these days.

"Coquette" is available in four choices. Black...with variations....

Crimson...with variations...

Ivory...with variations...

And soft multi-coloured floral satins because I just like them so much...

Demos are available instore. Find them at Eclectica, Sinaburoe. Or the Marketplace.

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