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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

One Voice

If you have been following any Virtual fashion news for the last few months, you may be aware of the One Voice Fundraiser. This is to help Gala Phoenix, the talented Curio skin designer, to fight the theft of her work. Content theft happens all too often, sadly, but this case is extra insidious. The thief not only has stolen the skins of Curio (and others) but also had the gall to copyright Galas work as her own. Better bloggers than me have the story covered much more thoroughly than I'm able to. Check out this SLU thread if you are interested, or if that's too wordy (it is starting to get pretty long winded, yet has a lot of good information in there) you may find these images of interest.
This is me, barefoot and ao-less, as there are necessary limits on scripts allowed on the sim, so whip yours off before you try to tp in...but I'm still able to say yay for everyones efforts here. I have a few Eclectica items at One Voice, and in the Mainstore if you just are passing. The items below are 100% donation to the fund....
And I happily realised that all skins and hairs used in these vendor textures are from Curio. That feels nicely fitting. :)

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