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Monday, March 17, 2014


This month's theme at Genre is "Mer", and I've really enjoyed working with some little octopi specially for this. They are made of smoothly polished metal, and hold rough beach pebbles in place on a neck strap. They are a little darker in mood than many mer accessories, and will certainly suit mermen as well as maids. In fact, each pack includes a neckpiece adjusted to a male shape to help you get a good fit.


The use of normal and specular mapping helps to enhance the contrast between these materials. I adore having this extra control when designing.


They are unscripted, copiable and moddable. And one object, so you can easily adjust the size as one piece in all directions at once.


The separate faces are: octopus, pebble, and strap and ring. You may tint these separately, or fiddle with the glow/etc if that's your thing.




They are available at Genre until the middle of April. After that, you can find them in the Eclectica Mainstore, and on the Marketplace.

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