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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Eclectica "Hearts"

Eclectica "Hearts" are two jewellery sets, both hearts but different. Antique Hearts (above) are old, with ornate metal borders in a rope-edged design, and lovely chased metal details. The rich detailing compliments the satin heart insets. Please click all images for a bigger lookie.

Gathered Hearts (below) are more modern, with less ornate metalwork, however the texturing is soft and subtley shaded.

Both sets are texture changeable, and include a mass of lovely combinations. All metals and hearts have a wide choice of custom made textures to make these very adaptable. It's impossible to show all colour possibilities, so please find the demo pack at the Eclectica Mainstore.

Antique Hearts earrings below...(there are three, as I had a bit of fun and had to include them all).

Antique Hearts bracelets, and how they fit...

Antique Hearts necklaces...and some of the possible colour combinations...

Gathered Hearts earrings (two styles are included...bigger and smaller)...

Gathered Hearts bracelets...

And Gathered Hearts necklaces...

All of these pieces contain one 64kb script per piece. This allows all the textures shown to be used, plus resizing. It's removable, and the pieces are copy/mod. They are designed to allow you the maximum control over how you use them to suit your outfits. Please use the supplied textures plus the edit menu to adjust any hues you like, to make these suit your look perfectly. Demos are available to help you decide :)

Eclectica is in the Pimp My Valentine Hunt atm. It ends on the 14th February, and you can join the group to receive a slurl-giving HUD to help you through. We all have a sign at our landing point, which when touched will give you the hint in local chat.

Here's my goodie below- a simplified version of Gathered Hearts. It includes a removable resize script only, not the full range of colours, but still a very sweet gift for Valentine's Day, I hope.

Find both these sets on the Marketplace here-
Eclectica Antique Hearts
Eclectica Gathered Hearts

Find them inworld here at the Eclectica mainstore in Sinaburoe.

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