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Friday, December 28, 2012

Eclectica 'Moderno'

More texture changing Art Deco for those of you who enjoy the 1920's. 'Moderno' is a jewellery set that can be tweaked till it matches any look. The gems change as two sets to allow contrast, and the metalwork and settings are also changeable. This is a sophisticated modern design, very cleanlined with glass and chrome as suits the era.

A haircomb was needed by one of my customers (for her MVW formal outfit), so it's been added :) I have it sitting on the back of the head, but you can shift it round to wherever it's needed according to your coiffure.

There are two neckpieces, one more and one less detailed. (When designing, I often can't decide, so include several versions. It just happens sometimes.)

Haircomb detail.

The dress ring. Shown here on a Slink sculpted hand. Of course you can wear it with 'normal' hands as well.


Earrings, showing some of the looks achievable.

All pieces are copy/mod. All scripts are removable. A demo pack can be picked up at the Eclectica mainstore. The jewellery can be found on the Marketplace, as can the seperate Haircomb.

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