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Monday, January 9, 2012

Ringing in the New Year....

...with new rings at Eclectica. Ok please do groan at that terrible pun. It's a shocker, and it's best to just get it out of the way. Things can only get better after this.

But we do have rings at Eclectica. They are small things, but there is a joy in tiny things with surprising detail. As rings are such personal things, each has a tiny removable script to allow you to change textures. Plus all are copiable and moddable, so do experiment with tinting, shine, and alpha if you wish.

Oh...one thing these days that makes ring wearing much more do-able than before is the ability to add, rather than wear prim attachments. I was a little shy of making rings, as they could clash with prim nails, other rings, anything held in the hand, and goodness knows what else you people insist on attaching to yourselves :) I always add now. So you can wear these with other rings, nails...prim hands...more about those later ....

It began with the well known and loved claddagh. This is often used as a wedding ring, but don't let that stop you if you are single- just turn it round the other way on your finger. It's got lovely meaning...the heart is for love, the hands for friendship, and the crown is for loyalty. It's also a well loved symbol for those who adore Simple Minds (who have used the image for the last 30 years)

Then...I made a yin yang ring...another traditional and well loved symbol. It represents how opposites are also complementary, neccessary to each other, and shows the balance between them.

Ohh...did you notice my hands? Yes...they are real, and all I had to do to get them was to chop off my old hands, and attach these from SLink. (SLink De Jolie Mains Hands Relaxed Set 1, specifically) It was quick and painless. It didn't cost much. I think they are a huuuge improvement, especially for anyone who likes SL photography. I have a little trouble matching the shape up to my forearms, but have no issues if I'm wearing them with prim cuffs.

The best thing about them is the fingernails. They are fantastic, and you have almost endless choice. If you had these hands, they would replace every nail in your inventory.

I have a Vintage dress ring, just about to go into the store. No symbolic significance here...just something a bit pretty.

I'm loving shadows, and depth of field these days.. In phoenix you can stipulate the camera's focal length ..isn't that just the bees knees! Just so you know, these are the SLink hands, looking fantastic, but I have photoshopped the joins a bit...where they meet the arms, and where the fingers meet the hand.

The "Enchant" set has had an expansion pack, haha.

I do have a few more rings in mind, and they will make my brain itch until they are realised. So I'll nip off and get creative.

You can pop into Sinaburoe and pick up free demos of all rings, or find them in the Marketplace...whichever is best for you.

So remember...add...not wear. But this is not for hair. Don't add hair. You will look silly.

/me waves and runs off to get busy :)

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