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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Indulge your Inner Princess

It's a tough gig, princessing it over your own mainland realm...banishing treacherous e-peened pantless invaders, maintaining international relations, enduring the adoration of the great unwashed meeroo population during the daily Royal Tour...being a living symbol of something-or-other and the backbone of civilisation...ho hum (yawns)...After a while, one asks oneself "This is all very nice but where is all the swanning about that is my due?"

This is where you must assert your right to the upper class bone idleness and sloth that is your birthright. Be the princess that you were meant to be. Don a tiara and spend the day languorously doing sweet F.A. Maybe do your nails, and hand out a few orders to minions, but thats it.

And I just so happen to have tiaras for proper swanning in. (Cushions, strawberries and manicure sets sold seperately.)

The "Eclectica Regency Tiara" is very comfortable (satin lined), deceptively light in weight despite it's sturdy structure and has been artistically designed to elicit admiration for it's wearer. Even when purchased new it carries the romantic aura of a historic artifact. It can be set proudly amongst any crown jewels, and will last through many generations of princesses-to-come.

There are three; Dawn (palest), Noon (brightest) and Twilight (darkest). Each has removable low lag scripted texture-change options for gems and pearls, so each is very flexible in appearance. Plus of course, they are copiable and modifiable, so you can always use the edit menu to make the colourings perfect for you. And we know how Princesses like things to be Perfect...(grins)

Here's Dawn... (click all for a decent sized view)

and Noon....

and Twilight...

You can find these at the Eclectica Mainstore as of today, here. Or on the Marketplace, here. Drop by the store, and pick up a demo pack :)

Swans are not included (for swanning about alongside), I hate to say, no matter how nice they are. But these lovely swans you can pick up at Jon Haskell's shop, Sculpty Creations. They are the nicest I've ever ever met ( and that's saying something as I once ran into a horrible hissy one as a child). And made by a nice person. These are going swimmingly in the store, and will not molest you for bread. Promise.

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