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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Foray into Footwear- Garden Party Shoes

I've been wanting to add more diversity to what is on offer at the store, especially since I have a little more space, and have been agonising for weeks over just how to go about embiggening the Sinaburoe shop. (I'm still agonising, but perhaps more about that later, and it's more the "oh-dear-I-have-too-much-space-now-what-shaaaaall-I-dooo " pleasant kind of agony.)

(A candid snap of my shopgirl, Eccy, who despite being given minimal responsibility demands the earth when it comes to bonuses and freebies...Here she is being generously plied with shoes before she left an unruly mess all over my boudoir rug *tsssk today's youth*)


I'm a shoe girl from way back.

Shoes then. Grin.

I love them, always have, in every universe. There's something about a certain height of heel that I can't resist- I love a good high no-half-measures heel, as to me it's most flattering. The problem is that I'm often looking to wear a vintage style, circa 20's/30's shoe, and back then shoes had gorgeous trimmings, but horrible heels. It's why Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse look the way they do in shoes, I suspect (shudder). I have no desire to emulate them. So I can never claim that Garden Party shoes are authentic historic footwear, however to me they are a good marriage between vintage styling with a sexier modern shaping.

Most of my personal-use shoes end up being black. It's because I love the colours, but can never decide, so invariably lump with the sensible choice. That's why each Garden Party pack has a floral-and-black and plainer-black-with-trim pair. Also if the colour isn't quite right for your outfit, you can use the edit menu to add a slight tint to the prims. So the trims are quite brightly coloured- it gives you room to dull them back with another hue if you need without losing too much contrast.

Anyway, we all understand each other perfectly here, being shoe-girls, I'm sure, unless one of us stumbled in from some weirdie googling of Daisy Duck and sexy high heels. Let's ignore that person, and enjoy the yummy gardenny colours below :)







Each shoe is copiable, modifiable and script free. No huds. Two versions of each style are included- one with invisiprims for older viewers, and one that uses alpha layers for newer viewers, so pick your poison.

Make sure you try a demo first if in doubt (The helper sign over the vendors will give you a demo pack to help you check quality and colours. Just remember that of course these can't demonstrate the modify qualities of the full version.)

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