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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Gentle Art of Script Deletion

Once upon a time, we all put resizer scripts in everything. And made everything no-mod. Let's not go into the reasoning behind that, as it was 'the done thing', and has been greatly debated everywhere. Like many, I've rethought my practices since then, and made everything modifiable, and now do not add resizers to new releases either.

(24/12/2012--I'm editing this to say that now yes I do. I now add texture changing scripts to some new releases that include resizers. These are a new generation of scripts, which are removable as always, but now are a single low-lag script (not one script per prim). One script per piece. Items are still moddable. Helper signs over each range will tell you what is in each set. The rest of this post about deletion is still just as relevant.)

Linden Lab is preparing to clamp down on scripts worn by avatars. Even if this weren't true, it's definately a good thing to keep them to a minimum, just for the sake of smooth teleports and happier lag-free living.

I've always advocated deleting these scripts from the jewellery I make. It's really really easy, and pain free.

Here it is in steps.

1) Acknowledge that you finally *do* have to part with the scripts. They are useful in the short term, but you do not want to be prancing about with them all the time. Make a backup copy of the jewellery, and put it in a seperate folder. Then, get to work on the copy. Wear it and say a final "byee" to the scripts.

2) Touch the first piece, and wait for the blue dialog box to drop down. Touch "All Prims" as shown.

3) Wait again for the next blue box. This time, take a deep breath, hold it, and touch "Delete". I swear nothing will suddenly go all weird on you.

4) Breathe out and in again. Then do all the pieces in the set in the same way.

5) Smile- you have just done something wonderful for the grid. And if you ever need the convenience of resizing with a script again, pull out the original. Or just do it with the edit menu, of course.

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