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Monday, January 17, 2011


"Rococco" is a jewellery range I designed when one day needing something romantic, curly, and a little historic to complete a gown.
The colours are light and subtle, with minute variations of gem colour, and the twinkling that comes with the interplay of prims and virtual light.
Gems are sculpted, and the rest is straight prim-work.

The gems and "metalwork" support softy-carved cameos.

Ever indecisive, I couldn't choose between two necklace ideas, and so both are included- longer and shorter. Each set also has long earrings, bracelet and dress ring.

Each piece is copyable and modifiable, and so the hues can be adjusted using the edit menu to match any colour scheme. Size can also be adjusted using the edit menu, or using the removable resizer included if that's just not your cup of tea.

Rococco is available in six variations. The "cream" vendor is shown. Free demo packs are available in the Sinaburoe Mainstore, to help make your decision easier. Or harder.

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