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Sunday, November 18, 2012


Cascade......these are four variations on a theme, each with a wide range of metal and bead textures. In all honesty, I started making pretty bead textures in Photoshop, enjoyed it a bit too much, and couldn't stop. So as often happens an idea grew a bit.

Each has six metals to choose from, which allows you anything from palest pale to black. And each has eight beads, which change as two sets, allowing you to have some fun making your favourite combinations.

Included in each is a neckpiece, dangly earrings, and a pair of bracelets. There is one removable script per piece, which also resizes. Plus copy/mod perms.

The Cascade range is available at the Eclectica Mainstore, in Sinaburoe, where you can also try a free demo pack. Or on the Marketplace.

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