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Thursday, October 18, 2012


This is "Maya"....

...strikingly Art Deco, with an authentic choice of textures. Uniquely designed and sculpted. Absolutely gorgeous gemstones.

There are two packs to choose from- the general jewellery pack, which includes two neckpieces (simpler and more complex) and two sets of earrings (simpler round ones and full-on-go-the-whole-hog geometric deco ones). The other is for those who'd like to add a few more pieces to the set, and it includes a bracelet and ring. It includes earrings to round the set out if that's all you wish to have.

These are scripted to offer all the features of a fatpack, all in one set. You can play with these for hours and save a set to match any of your favourite twenties outfits.

Come grab a demo :)

Here's the noir version, available at the Eclectica Seraph City Store....

They have a hunt on, and wonderful event called "The Blackened Mirror", centering around vintage period machinima. It's lovely stuff, so go see :)

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