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Monday, August 6, 2012

It's Vintage Fair time again...

It's finally all happening over at the Vintage Fair, and I love the build this year. There are three sims of everything vintagey, not just worn fashion.

Eclectica has Nouveau Leaves on sale...

You can find the Eclectica store here on the Retro sim.

I did a little shopping and found the most gorgeousest couch there (the Jessie Couch made by Loz Hyde of meshworx), and had to run home fast to give the old one a heave-ho off the side of the skybox to make room. And retexture the rug which suddenly looked all daggy. This couch is mesh, has a land impact of 5, is copiable (so why not have two :) ) It has beautiful retexturing options, which I can't stop playing with becasue if anything will let me tweak it, I'll happily keep tweaking because that's half the fun. It has excellent animations, and will even make you a cup of coffee.

I've almost finished visiting all the stores, and have had a great time collecting demos, and making a shopping list.

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