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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Marketplace giftgiving- a vast improvement

It's with great pleasure that I announce that my old tute on how to navigate the Marketplace giftgiving shamozzle is completely obsolete. It is now a wonderfully more simple and intuitive process.

Please delete the previous instructions from your brain, and replace with these: (biiiig smile, as the process is so much shorter, and I have far more confidence in using it).

Pictures below will help guide you. Please click them to enlarge.
As usual, if you are already in my shop and want to send a gift, helper signs will take you to the correct Marketplace page. If you found me via the Marketplace search, you are already there, so ignore this bit.

Scroll down to find the "related items" if you prefer a different colour, and click it.

Once you have your colour version, click the lovely big orange button called "Add to Cart as Gift". Write your friend's name in the window below. Click the next button down called "Find Resident".

Add a nice message, and click "Finished".

Hurrah! It's done!

The item is now in your shopping cart, and is ready to be delivered to your friend when you check out.

Much nicer!

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