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Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's a blog.
My own little blog.
Bloggie blog blog.
Please bear with me while I decide what to do with it.

And, um, I can delete this later, can't I?


  1. just be you! blogging can seem daunting (it did for me) and i needed to see what would happen if i did it, so i promised myself that there would be at least one post per day for a year. now it's only 2 weeks until that year is up

    i ended up defining myself as avatar much more clearly, learned many things on the way, and also made new friends. that last part means the most to me

    good luck with you new adventure and just be you - sometimes complex, sometimes simple, sometimes silly - you can never be wrong if you stay true to yourself

    namas te =)

  2. Thanks iliveisl for your very encouraging and positive words. The whole blog thing is stewing in my mind,nicely, but I have to admit that the blank canvas is most scarey. I'm good at doing stuff, and terrible at talking about it, and I'd much rather rezz a prim than type a paragraph. I guess that new territory was what I was after anyway,so here goes...(eeep)